Kirei de Slimtea(Skinny Detox tea)

Kirei de Slimtea(Skinny Detox tea)

・Weight Loss


・Not sore stomach

・A perfectly balanced cobination of candle bush, which is full much-talked-about dietary fiber, 
wiht 10 different types of carefully selected planingredients such as pu'erh tea and rooibos.
In addition , it is also caffein-free so you can drink it at night before going to sleep without any worries.

・kirei de Slimetea has well-balanced combination of plant ingredients,
promarily candle bush. Its original blend of ingredients has been develop ed using aproprietary formula that supports your well-being from four diff erent angles:bowel movements, health, beauty, and weight-loss.

・support for consripation
-candle Bush

・support for Diet
-pu're tea
-toucan tea

・support for Beauty
-Black soybean

・support for Health
-Brown rice
-Cassia mimosoides

Product Name:Kirei de Slimtea

Price:Open Price

Content Quontity:3.5g × 30 packages

Product Code:KST_01

Ingredients:Candle bush · brown rice · hub tea · rooibos · black soybean · cassia mimosoides · ginger · toucan tea · pu're tea · burdock

Product Usage:So that you can drink this tea without any worries, to start with we would recommend infusing it for the standard 2 to 4 minutes. Please drink it as strong as you like.

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