Kirei de Placenta Supplement

Kirei de Placenta Supplement

・Internal capacity/30capsules ・Laennec manufacturing horse placenta extract powder 220mg compound.  ・Derived from Hokkaido thoroughbreds. ・A hight load of 100% pure placenta! ・A 220mg compound in fine grain,easy to drink Size 3 capsules Band sealing processed to eliminate odor ・Combine umbilical cord extract with the amnion extract of the horse  ・Produced at a safe domedtic GMP plant. ・This placenta supplement has a quick experience.    

Product Name:Kirei de Placenta Supplement

Price:Open Price

Content Quontity:276mg×30 capsules

Product Code:KPS_01

Ingredients:End of horse-derived placenta extract, Sai tie extract powder, amniotic extract powder, HPMC, caramel color * HPMC is a plant-derived capsule.

Product Usage:※Please drink the supplement with a glass of water or hot water. ※Take two capsules a day before going to sleep. ※If you develop any unusual symptoms Please stop taking it .

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