Kirei de Beaute Repair Serum

Kirei de Beaute Repair Serum

Oil soluble placenta concentrate.

Highly concentrated Vitamin C 12%

・Highly concentrated beauty ingredients for a focused approach to fine lines!

 ・Verified!!Wrinkles disappear!(Verified through efficacy evaluation testing)

・MD supervised

・Deep, dried out fine lines that never went away before become unnoticeable!

・Rich moisturization for springiness and elasticity

・Compared to water soluble placenta, squalene, and glycerine, oil soluble placenta continues to moisturize deeply for up to 1 hour longer. It also cuts down melanin production by 40%

・High concentrations of Vitamin C derivative included. Vitamin C derivative attaches itself to enzymes in the body to become Vitamin C, so it is delivered directly to your skin without breaking down.

・Gentle on sensitive skin, with no additives & 100% beauty ingredients.
“Mysterious oil soluble placenta” and “Vitamin C 12%” added to olive oil. This lotion is made of 100% natural ingredients, with no extras like alcohol or preservatives.


Product Name:Kirei de Beaute Repair Serum

Price:Open Price

Content Quontity:15mL

Product Code:KRS_01

Ingredients:Olive fruit oil, ascorbyl tetrahexyldodecanoate (oil-soluble vitamin C), placenta lipid

Product Usage:・Use this as a general guideline, and find the regimen that works best for you! ★Your AM How to use. ーStep1:Cleanser(face wash) ーStep2:serum ーStep3:gel ーStep4:Cream or UV ★Your PM How to use. ーStep1:Cleanser(face wash) ーStep2:serum ーStep3:gel ーStep4:serum ーStep5:Mask ーStep6:cream

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