Kirei de Plasmalogen

Kirei de Plasmalogen

・Internal capacity/60capsules

Combination of 1,000 μg in 2 capsules of high concentration Plasmalogen

Combination 120μg of ginkgo biloba extract.

・DHA and AHA 120μg blended

・Effective for dementia and memory.



Product Name:Kirei de Plasmalogen

Price:Open Price

Content Quontity:484mg×60 capsules

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Ingredients:DHA-containing refined fish oil (domestically produced), ginkgo biloba extract powder, oyster extract, edible oil / gelatin, glycerin, emulsifier, beeswax, corn protein (including soybean / gelatin in part)

Product Usage:※Please drink the supplement with a glass of water or hot water. ※Take two capsules a day before going to sleep. ※If you develop any unusual symptoms Please stop taking it .

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